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Carol A. Mueller, pet portrait photographer in Jacksonville, FL 

Customized pet portrait sessions, prints & products


We love our furbabies, let’s commemorate their lives…

Kittens & puppies grow really fast – consider booking several sessions over the first year or two.

A pet adoption, a milestone pet birthday or the addition of another pet are great reasons to celebrate with a pet portrait session.

Elderly and hospice-stage pets are especially deserving of being remembered with portraits. This is handled delicately with patience & love.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking and doubly so when you realize, too late, that the photographs you have are blurry, unsuitable for display or on that phone you lost.

Even though the focus is on your pet, you or another family member can be included in one or more of the photographs during the session. We’ll discuss the various options and your preferences beforehand. 

Lifestyle-type images, studio-style or a combination of both.


On a personal note: Several months after taking the above image, my beloved Cortez was diagnosed with oral sarcoma. I obtained treatment for him (radiation followed by Palladia), adding pain management when the cancer began to spread six months later. He crossed the rainbow bridge on 12/27/2019. …R.I.P.


Contact me for more information & to book your pet’s portrait session:

Home office: (904) 384-5279     Cell/text: (904) 416-8262     Email:


Furbaby Pix pet portrait sessions:

Contact me to discuss your pet and what you’d like to accomplish with the session. Sessions are tailored to you & your pet’s needs & abilities. For the best results, a pre-session visit in your home with you and your pet is highly recommended.

Session fees start at $350.00 and in each case, include a set of social-media sized, watermarked files. Prints start at $25.00.

On-site pet / cat portrait sessions (at your location) are currently limited to within 10 miles of my home office (32210-4356 zip). Exceptions can be made for special circumstances.

Your pet’s safety is my highest priority: we take your pet’s abilities, health and mood into account before, during and after the session. To obtain the best possible result with the least stress, we take time to get acquainted before we begin the session. We’ll review the best options for the portrait session and calmly prepare the area(s); nearby favorite toys, pillows and/or blankets for their smell and familiarity. Equipment is set up slowly and deliberately to maximize your pet’s acceptance of the goings on. Time for play, treats and breaks is essential for good results.

After I’ve culled, lightly edited and prepared the images from your session, we’ll review them together at a reveal & ordering session where you’ll be able to select from a variety of products that will let you enjoy your treasured images for decades to come.

To discuss your project & book a session:

 904-384-5279 (home office)

 904-416-8262 (cell)

At your home or over the phone, we’ll discuss your pet(s) personality, likes & dislikes, any memento ideas you already have: a specific location in your home or a specific type of portrait or grouping (e.g. framed, metal, acrylic) for your home or office wall, a book/album or a folio box, which are also great options. For wall art, we’ll focus on colors that flatter your pet and harmonize with your home.  A selection of converted, edited black and white photographs will generally also be available to choose from at the ordering session.

To bring out and portray your pet’s personality, besides my gear (which is kept to a minimum for those who are skittish), I bring my understanding and lifelong love of pets plus lots of patience. Unposed yet dignified (kittens are an exception as they are adorably goofy),in their favorite spots or a spot that has been made ‘cat’ comfortable and adapted with backdrops, props and suitable lighting. Our pre-session discussions about your pet (behavior, likes/dislikes, health issues & limitations), its environment and what you’d like to achieve, will help ensure the session will be memorable and enjoyable. We’ll scout and prepare spots where your pet could be photographed (usually indoors). A room with a door may be a good idea especially for cats who tend to scoot. This is a process that takes time, thought and preparation. We’ll take breaks if your pet gets stressed, scared or tired.







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